1. What Goes Up

Ram Dass talk courtesy of Love Serve Remember Foundation


We made a mess of this
I don’t know how we’re gonna get out of this
We’re in a war with ourselves
We’ve been compelled to overwhelm this idea
That it’s every fucking man for himself
Well “man” up and help well..

We never found out how to think of eachother
Widely enough to make these tough changes together
In order to survive this terrible weather
And We’re going down fast well we’re going down together

What goes up must come down

And you wonder why our children are dying
They are drowning in addiction
Just to have one day free from this affliction
They are pleading for forgiveness
With no voice and no witness
To justify and amplify this truth that’s within us
An existence so oppressed
and the masses so obsessed
With material regrets
An ethereal threat that feeds monster that’s within us
That we all seem possess

What goes up must come down

It takes us a long time to come up out of the darkness of our feelings of unworthiness, of
unlovableness, of allowing that liquidity to hapapen of feeling safe to be in the presence of love. When I first experienced my Guru loving me my mind kept flickering with the thoughts of “if he only knew…” When you can accept that you are lovable then the fear starts to dissolve. It’s allowing the beauty of your soul which is behind your personality, it's behind all that stuff. Just another radiant bit of light. Just observe the kind of sadness, the feeling of loneliness, the feeling of separateness, the feeling of pain. Just watch it, and allow it. The only thing you’re stuck in is not even history, it's just mind. It’s a model you have of who you think you are and who you think everybody else is. That’s all it is. That’s exactly what’s causing your suffering at this moment is your own thought forms and you’re clinging to them and saying “This is real.” And that’s finlay why you’re driven to work on your mind, to quiet your mind. Because you see that you’re personality is just a series of thought’s that you keep investing. Quiet your mind. - Ram Dass