An understanding of the world begins first, with an understanding of oneself.” - Moriah Woods

Moriah Woods

Transforming Darkness into beauty

“[Poland based Colorado singer songwriter, Moriah Woods'] lyrics and elegantly gloomy sound is a legacy of female independence in testosterone-filled music, such as PJ Harvey or Cat Power.[...] It's not just the influence of Carole King's folk, Buffy Sainte-Marie's dissent or Vashti Bunyan's spiritual journey; it's the striking modesty of Sharon Van Etten, the beautiful darkness of A.A. Williams, the dreaminess of Alison Goldfrapp, and the melancholy of Beth Gibbons.” Writes Jakub Oślak of Cantara Music

Moriah Woods is an independent multi-instrumentalist whose musical expression at its core is a marriage of lyrically driven folk and an introspective unraveling of the vulnerabilities of the human condition creates an atmosphere where acoustic meets electronic and the sound of silence is as important as the loops they were built upon. 


Since her arrival in Poland Moriah Woods has released two studio albums (a thrid on the way), as well as the 2015 self-titled album as a member of The Feral Trees and 2020’s Our Voice / Nasz Głos for women’s rights with prominent Polish songwriter Anita Lipnicka and nearly 50 other well known women in Poland, amassing over 1 million collective streams and coverage from many media outlets. Gaining Moriah Woods recognition as a multifaceted and authentic songwriter transforming darkness into beauty.


‘Human’, released Dec.16, 2022, is an intimate exploration of personal suffering and the possibilities of using it to gain a better understanding of the human condition.

“In order to understand our rapidly declining world, I believe we first need to understand ourself.”






Moriah has performed in Poland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Slovakia, Ukraine, Estonia, France and USA.   

Open'er Festival, PL(2015)   
Opole Songwriters Festival, PL (2015) 
Łódź Songwriter Festival, PL (2015),  
Live Europe Showcase, PL (2015),  
Poznań Enea Spring Break, PL (2016),  
Soundrive Festival, PL (2016),  
Slow Life Music Festival, PL (2016),  
Augustoff Festival, PL (2016),  
Piotrkoff Festival, PL (2018)  
Zagata Festival, UA (2018) 
Festy Fajny Fest, SK (2019) 
Off Festival / Dr.Martens Stage, PL (2019)  
Dr. Martens Pop-up Warsaw, PL (2019)  
Spring Break Showcase, PL (2019)  
Jarocin, PL (2021) 
MAma Festival, Paris, FR (2022)
Malta Festival, PL (2023)
Mystic Festival, PL (2023)

LP in Warsaw and Poznań (2016)  
John Garcia of Kyuss (2016) 
Emma Ruth Rundle (2017)  
Pokey LaFarge (2018)  
DBUK (2019)  
Rodrigo y Gabriela (2019) 
William Duvall (2021) 
Munly And The Lupercalians (2022) 
Anneke Van Giersbergen (2022)


  • Contest finalist for Firestone Headliners of Tomorrow hosted by KAYAX records & Monika Brodka (2017) 
  • Moriah was chosen as one of INES #talent 2020 – She was nominated by Spring Break Showcase as a standout singer-songwriter deserving of her next big chance. 
  • Contest finalist for Pol'and'Rock Elimination (2020) 
  • Keychange EU artist (2022) 



2020 - Our Voice / Nasz Głos 
Supporting women's rights in Poland 
Moriah Woods + Anita Lipnicka  

2023 - Penthouse + Moriah Woods

Featuring Ram Dass on 'What Goes Up', single from 'Human' (2022) courtesy of Love Serve Remember Foundation
and Guest on affiliated Soul Land Music live series.(2022)