1. Currents


I, I’ve gone under again
Can someone pull me in
It’s not that easy when
you never learned to swim
And you’re lungs are filled with water
And you’re a troubled person’s daughter
Who’s has lost control
If the water was liquor I’d have drowned
long ago

I, well I want to tell you I’m fine
But then I would belying
And I am practicing truth
Even though it’s hard for me to do
And I’m learning how to be ok
In the current, i’m in today
And I know my best will change
From lion to sloth and day from uncertain day

These currents

I, I don’t mean to make you sad
But this is the suffering I’ve had
And it’s brought me here today
To look you in the eyes and say
I love you more than I ever would
If it hadn’t turned out this way
And the messes that I’ve made
Are the currents that have saved me
And taken me to shore