Human: (releasing December 16th) How one songwriter is learning to use music to transform a journey of personal suffering into a deeper understanding of the world

Based in Poland, Colorado singer-songwriter Moriah Woods’ newly released album, Human, introspectively challenges the complexities of the mind and human condition to convey that in order to understand the world we must first understand ourselves. 


As a follow-up to her 2019 album ‘Old Boy’, an intimate work dealing with the subjects of grief and mental illness, Woods felt a sense of responsibility to begin understanding the role of suffering through personal examination, laying the foundation for the journey through ‘Human’. 


“By dissecting the inner workings of my own mind I’ve come to regard suffering as a vital and integral, if not, most important part of my human experience thus far because I’m learning that within it lies the possibility of understanding a little more about the great mystery that is the human experience.”


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