"Suffering will set you free" Moriah Woods challenges in her 3rd album 'Human' set to release December 16th, 2022

'What Goes Up', the 4th release leading up to 'Human' is another angle in the story in which suffering is examined as a vital part of the human experience - with the timely reminder from Ram Dass that perhaps there is a different way to approach the way one can internalize and process this inevitable experience of the human condition. 

“The only thing you’re stuck in is not even history, it’s just mind. It’s a model you have of who you think you are and who you think everybody else is. That’s all it is. That’s exactly what’s causing your suffering in this moment is your own thoughtforms. And you’re clinging to them and saying “this is real.” and that’s finally why you’re driven to work on your mind, to quiet your mind because you see that your personality is really just a series of thoughts that you keep investing.”  

Ram Dass

Read more behind the track: Behind 'What Goes Up'

Deepest appreciation to Love Serve Remember Foundation - the amazing humans serving to keep the teaching of Ram Dass alive - for providing audio and photo. 

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