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Hello dear friend, I'm happy to see you here!

You being a subscriber means the final product of my upcoming album will have a piece of you in it - 

Your monthly support will help me create this album. All tiers have the same material, it is your choice how much you can and would like to support me. My support for you will always be the same no matter how much you choose to give.

This is the place you will receive behind the scenes material on what I'm currently working on. This is the first time I've set up such a platform or shared unfinished work but I feel it could be an interesting experience for you (and for me) to be with me on the journey of the creative process and to have some influence on it by commenting and interacting.

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  • Behind the scenes of touring on the road
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  • lyrics, concepts and it's evolution 
  • Behind the scenes photos and album cover ideas
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Knowing that you have dedicated to be here means you believe in what I do and that is, for me, completely priceless. With all my heart I thank you for your support and deciding to be with me on this journey. 

Lots of love,
Moriah Woods