alchemizing suffering

“When we begin to see ourselves in each other, we begin to live more fully together in compassion rather than in solitary suffering. This understanding begins with the understanding of ourselves.”

The natural world is about balance, which means that with light we need dark in order to stay in life’s natural harmony.

Moriah Woods is exploring the deep importance of digging into the darkness within in order to dissect her insatiable curiosities about life and death, the mind and suffering and how it all ties us together as one living and breathing entity, if we allow it. 

If we can begin to recognize ourselves in each other through the sharing our suffering, we may begin to live stronger together in compassion rather than the solitary disconnect we see so widely today. This life is meant for each other and I believe it is our responsibility to share what we receive, and I strive to use music as a vehicle to do just that.” 

Thanks to the untimely suicide of her father in 2017 Moriah awoke to a world of two options; follow in his footsteps, or beginning to break the chains of the effects of generational trauma. She chose the latter and poured that truth of suffering into her 2019 album ‘Old Boy’. 

After an extensive tour, saying goodbye to an abusive relationship with alcohol and connecting with many people who saw themselves in her story and reached out to share their own, she witnessed this expression bringing them together in an experience, that when shared, unites and alchemises the darkness into something beautiful.

“If not for each other, what for?” Moriah explores, as she enters into the release of her 3rd album ‘Human’ (beginning September 30th, 2022), a continuation of the sharing of these lessons as a student of life.

The perceptible notes of the raw story-telling culture of the southern United States, shamanic atmospheres, and true grit create a deep and intimate musical experience in which the sound of silence is as important as the unique timbre of her voice.

in November 2020 Moriah released a protest song with prolific Polish singer-songwriter Anita Lipnicka to sing for freedom in Poland during a string of mass protests against recent laws challenging human rights amassing nearly 1 million collective streams. Which can be found here

Moriah Woods has had the great opportunity to support such artists as LP, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Emma Ruth Rundle, DBUK, Pokey LaFarge, John Garcia (Kyuss), and more... 

And be a guest on the Ram Dass music series Soul Land Music (can be found below)



Old Boy

Moriah Woods

'Old Boy' Moriah Woods's 2nd Studio Album to be released 16th of September 2019

Moriah Woods jest urodzoną i wychowaną w Colorado (USA), a obecnie mieszkającą w Polsce wokalistką, multi-instrumentalistką, autorką tekstów i muzyki tworzącą w stylistyce dark-folk/rock. Odkąd w 2014 roku zamieszkała w Polsce wydała 2 albumy, jeden solowy
'Old Boy' Moriah Woods's 2nd Studio Album to be released 16th of September 2019

Moriah Woods jest urodzoną i wychowaną w Colorado (USA), a obecnie mieszkającą w Polsce wokalistką, multi-instrumentalistką, autorką tekstów i muzyki tworzącą w stylistyce dark-folk/rock. Odkąd w 2014 roku zamieszkała w Polsce wydała 2 albumy, jeden solowy oraz jeden z zespołem The Feral Trees. 16 września 2019 r. będzie miał premierę jej drugi solowy album zatytułowany 'Old Boy'. Jest to historia zainspirowana zmaganiem z uzależnieniem i depresją jakiego doświadczył jej ojciec, który zmarł w 2017 r. w wyniku komplikacji spowodowanych chorobą psychiczną i uzależnieniem.
Projekt ten rozpoczął się jako osobista próba poradzenia sobie z bólem i żałobą po stracie bliskiej osoby a przerodził się w potrzebę podzielenia się i pomocy innym osobom które zmagają się z problemami podobnymi do tych z jakimi zmagał się jej ojciec.
'Old Boy" niesie wiadomość że twoja historia i twój ból są wyjątkowe ale nie są rzadkością i można je rozwiązać. Nie tylko my cierpimy w życiu, musimy pamiętać że wszyscy jesteśmy w tym razem oraz że cierpienie jest częścią tej drogi i pozwoli nam ją lepiej zrozumieć jeśli tylko na to pozwolimy.

Moriah woods is a mulit-insterumentalist from the mountains of Colorado, USA living in Poland since 2014. Upon arrival in Poland Moriah has released two studio albums, one with The Feral Trees including an EP. September 16th 2019 will be the release of her 2nd studio album titled 'Old Boy' inspired by the struggles of addiction and depression after the passing of her father in 2017 from complications with mental health and addictions.
The project began as a way of processing grieving behind closed doors and opened into a desire to share and reach into other people who might be struggling in a similar way as she has known and watched her father struggle.
'Old Boy' is a message that your story and your pain is unique but not uncommon or unresovable. That we are not alone or alien in the sufferings of life and we must remember that we are in this together and the sufferings are part of the journey that lead us to a better understanding if we let it.

Moriah Woods - Vocal, Guitar
Michał Głos - Drums
Spyszek Fank - Bass
Grzegorz Łyjak - Guitar
Małgorzata Krasowska - Viola (Wonder)
Kosma Muller - Violin (Wonder, Black Crow)
Marcin Klimczak - some backing vocals, keys, recording, mixing and mastering

Photo of Victor Woods - 1986 / age 23

Album release date:
16 September 2019
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Moriah has performed in Poland, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Slovakia, Ukraine, Estonia, France and USA.  

Open'er Festival, PL(2015)  
Opole Songwriters Festival, PL (2015)
Łódź Songwriter Festival, PL (2015), 
Live Europe Showcase, PL (2015), 
Poznań Enea Spring Break, PL (2016), 
Soundrive Festival, PL (2016), 
Slow Life Music Festival, PL (2016), 
Augustoff Festival, PL (2016), 
Piotrkoff Festival, PL (2018) 
Zagata Festival, UA (2018)
Festy Fajny Fest, SK (2019)
Off Festival / Dr.Martens Stage, PL (2019) 
Dr. Martens Pop-up Warsaw, PL (2019) 
Spring Break Showcase, PL (2019) 
Jarocin, PL (2021)

LP in Warsaw and Poznań 
John Garcia of Kyuss 
Emma Ruth Rundle (2017) 
Pokey LaFarge (2018) 
DBUK (2019) 
Rodrigo y Gabriela (2019)


  •  Contest finalist for Firestone Headliners of Tomorrow hosted by KAYAX records & Monika Brodka (2017)
  • Moriah was chosen as one of INES #talent 2020 – She was nominated by Spring Break Showcase as a standout singer-songwriter deserving of her next big chance.
  • Contest finalist for Pol'and'Rock Elimination (currently in session - 2020)


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